About Us

Company History: PSI Auto Restyling was founded in 1996 to offer consumers in the aftermarket Spoilers sector a very well made, high quality product at a very affordable price along with customer satisfaction that is second to none in our industry. Over the years, we have been in the forefront of change in both our products that we offer and overall economic fluctuations. With the growing truck industry, we shifted our focus to fender flares and aligned our principles of excellent craftsmanship, high quality standard of product, a diversified portfolio, and unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. These qualities have set the foundation for our business model and will continue to do so for years to come.

Our Distribution Center in Houston, TX is a 42,000 square feet facility where equipped with the technology that aids in fulfilling orders correctly and provides ample space to stock on a vast and diversified portfolio of products that any customer will find appealing to their relative fender flare needs. In addition to our facility, we also have our paint booths where we can offer the highest quality painting services for the fender flares we sell.

Mission Statement:

To continuously provide exceptional products at affordable costs and to continuously invent, implement, and invest in our business while also being a strong pillar in the community by volunteering our time and resources to better our community.